Precautions for vehicle maintenance

    The importance of automobile maintenance is self-evident. But when you do maintenance or repair for your car, some things you don't pay attention to may be punished by the 4S shop or the repair shop. In order to prevent being cheated, also prevent bad shop owners from cheating other car owners, the following items, I hope the majority of car owners pay attention to.

    Precautions for vehicle maintenance

    1. Check vehicle information

    If the repair unit's relevant information, such as license plate number, chassis number, time of entering and leaving the factory, remember to prevent settlement errors.

    2. Look at the maintenance items

    When repairing, you can understand what kind of repair and maintenance operations. If you don't exceed the items agreed with the car service, you can ask the auto service consultant and the mechanic.

    3. Recycling spare parts

    If there are damaged parts to try to recycle, in order to prevent bad business shoddy, to the owners of hidden dangers.

    4. Take the excess oil away

    It's hard to buy the right light when you buy engine oil. For example, you don't need to buy 5 liters of oil. You can take the extra oil as far as possible.

    5. Working hours

    When repairing a car, the hourly cost is generally covered. If it is charged separately, the brake pads should be removed when repairing and replacing the brake calipers. The labor cost for replacement should be included in the maintenance cost. If there are other labor costs for repairing the calipers on the list, you can find their theory.

    Precautions for vehicle maintenance

    6. Be able to read the maintenance statement

    To carefully read the contents of the settlement list before signing, if there are maintenance costs, documents can be used as a voucher.

    7. Mileage

    When the car is in serious trouble, you may have to leave the car in the repair shop for a while. At this time, you need to remember the mileage. To prevent the restless repairman from driving the car out to play, generally repairing the car, and adding some test run items in time, the farthest distance should not exceed 20 km.

    8. Make good use of vehicle inspection exemption items

    4S shops and chain stores will have free inspection items. It is necessary to do some periodic vehicle condition inspection.

    9. Minor disease prevention overhaul and disease-free overhaul

    The car is originally a small fault, there is no problem, but some businesses will exaggerate the fault, report some unnecessary maintenance items, or even no fault, report some unnecessary maintenance items, greatly increase the maintenance cost, if the consumer can not confirm whether the service is true, they can ask the staff to provide corresponding credentials.

    10. Items most likely to be greasy

    Three filters: air filter, fuel filter and oil filter. Cleaning: clean the intake port, clean the throttle, clean the fuel injection nozzle.

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